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Senior On-Site Co-Ordinator - Norfolk
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  Wysłany: 24-06-2014, 15:46   Senior On-Site Co-Ordinator - Norfolk

Senior On-Site Co-Ordinator - Norfolk
Prestige Recruitment Specialists Limited is an award winning independent recruitment agency that has been firmly established for over 20 years within Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

We are currently looking to recruit a Senior On-Site Co-ordinator for our onsite team based in Norfolk, East Anglia. This role will be operating from our Client’s site and will be providing temporary labour into their business on a daily basis.
The site are a fresh meat processing business who operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over a number of shift patterns, to achieve maximum production for supply into the Supermarkets throughout the UK. The site uses between 150 and 250 temporary workers each day depending on their Customers' orders so demand can fluctuate.
You will need a good understanding of the right to work in the UK, Identification requirements and the UK working time directive. A full driving license is essential and you must have a very high level of both written and spoken English (G.O.R).
The main duties include:

• Sourcing suitable candidates through advertising
• Interviewing, referencing and inducting workers through appropriate site procedures in food safety, manual handling and health & safety
• Managing and fulfilling bookings on a daily basis
• Ensuring a readily available pool of labour to cover absences or meet additional demand following increases in requirements
• Providing information to relevant departments
• Building working relationships with all department Managers, Trainers and the HR Department Producing reports and KPI’s
• Being available 24/7 although working hours will be 5.30am – 3pm / 8.30am – 6.00pm, on a rota with the on-site co-ordinators

This is a demanding but rewarding role and requires an individual who is able to prioritise and deliver to a fast-paced and often fluctuating business.

Salary/package is dependent on experience.
Please send your CV with covering letter and current salary to:

Your application will be given consideration and a shortlist of candidates will be contacted. If you have not heard within 7 days, your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion

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