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09-10-2010, 18:14
English/French Lessons
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Twoje miasto w Polsce :: Kraków
Dołączył: 24 Cze 2009
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Skąd: Norwich
Wysłany: 24-06-2009, 22:51   English/French Lessons

I am a student of Polish and French at the University of Sheffield who has just returned to Norwich, my home city, for the summer. I have spent the last semester learning Polish at the Jagiellonian University, and the semester before that in Rennes, France.

I am offering one-to-one English or French tuition. I believe this is a unique opportunity for you to learn from a native English speaker with whom you can converse in Polish. I would like to return to Krakow next year when I finish university to teach English and this would give me valuable teaching experience for my application, and likewise a way of keeping up my language skills this summer. I can provide materials and lessons would take place in the study in my house. I would charge a nominal £5 per hour.

Having read the posts on here I already see you all have a very good command of the English language (much better than I speak Polish!). However, if you're interested in additional tutoring, please contact me at, and we can sort something out. I look forward to hearing from you :)
Don Cicci 
Don Cicci

Twoje miasto w Polsce :: Opole
Wiek: 38
Dołączył: 13 Maj 2010
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Skąd: Thetford
Wysłany: 16-05-2010, 18:59   

HI ya! I'd like to ask if by any chance you could recommend some book or booklet or website about learning the very basics of French. I'm thinking of going on holidays, around the whole Europe. I do know a bit of Portuguese and Spanish, maybe 30 words in German (would do, I guess? Lolz ) Or if you think you'd be able to teach me very basics of French, stuff like hello, how are you?, how much for...? etc.
I'm not interested in proper language learning, I've spend over half of my lifetime learning and studying English, that's it! I'm done I guess. But all I'm looking forward to is just basics.
Plz visit my profile here, or reply to this post with a word(s) of advice. Take care now!
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