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09-10-2010, 18:14
2nd Polish Community Meeting in Norwich
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Wysłany: 13-05-2008, 21:15   2nd Polish Community Meeting in Norwich

I know that you came to the meeting that was held in January. There were so many issues raised at that meeting that we have decided to focus on one main topic, accommodation, so that we can provide useful information and offer practical support at this next meeting. There will also be some information about employment because it is so closely linked to housing entitlement.
The meeting will be on Wednesday, May 28th at 7:30pm at the Phoenix Centre (the same place as before). We will have several sections from the Council's housing department making presentations and then holding advise surgeries at which people can ask for advice about their individual problems or needs.
The presentations will be on:
° Housing advice - which will cover topics like how you can get your deposit back, security of tenancy, and the assistance the council can give.
° Housing benefits - eligibility for housing benefits. Employment status is linked to this so there will also be some information about employment covered.
° Housing options - how to get council and affordable homes including an explanation of the Council's web based "home options" scheme (We are planning to have this available in Polish but it might not be ready for the meeting!!).
° Private rental accommodation - acceptable standards. How to complain and what will happen when you complain.
All presentation will be given in English and Polish.
There will be trained advisers and translators staffing the advise surgeries. So if someone doesn't understand rental contract or has a query with it they can bring it with them and a trained adviser will explain it to them through an interpreter. Or if someone wants to know if they could be entitled to a council house advisers will be there who can tell them etc.
If there are going to be more meetings I also need to recruit helpers to get involved with the planning them to ensure that the meetings are useful and tackling issues and themes that people want them to. So even if people don't have a housing issue but have other concerns or would like to get more involved in the community I really would like them to come to the meeting to help plan a way forward so that we can establish something for the Polish Community living in Norwich.
The last meeting had a really good turn out and I am sure that this was largely due to your website so I would be really grateful if you could help me by posting some information about this meeting onto your site.
It is impossible for me to do it my self as I can't understand Polish!!! I have attached some publicity material which I have had translated into Polish. I am happy for you to use this and / or add something that you feel is appropriate to attract people to the meeting.
Have you got any good ideas of where else I might advertise the meeting?
If you have got any queries please don't hesitate to contact me.
Many thanks for your anticipated help.
P.S Enjoy the sunshine!
Philippa Daley

Community Development Officer
Norwich City Council
City Hall
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