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Couple looking for work in Norwich !
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Dołączył: 14 Mar 2014
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Wysłany: 14-03-2014, 14:56   Couple looking for work in Norwich !

Couple looking for work in Norwich !

In England permanently live from 9 months.
We have been trained to work in the kitchen as cooks, training period lasted for two months in one of the restaurants in Birmingham.
From seven months working for the American Restaurant & Bar - the Coast to Coast in Norwich positions Seniur Chef de Partie and Chef de Partie . We have a multi-functional experience in the industry , such as working at the pizza oven , work the grill or frying in deep oil - the overall service throughout the kitchen from A to Z with all paperwork (orders, receiving orders, counting Stock and many others).

We are looking for new experiences because we want to expand our skills with the hope that in the future we will be ready to open her own catering business .
We are able to work after 70h per week - regardless of the time of day and day of the week .

We are people who easily establish contact , they are able to develop the right time and create a team with team members , versatile , we have no problem adapting to the new conditions.

Our language for communicative appreciate little that we are in the course of English at level 2
They both have a driving license category B.

We are willing to work in which we have the experience listed above as well as any other that will provide us the opportunity to develop with a good salary
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