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  Wysłany: 27-11-2009, 21:33   NORPOL

"NORPOL" are a established building contractors from NORWICH and have a team of highly skilled and qualified builders(NVQ L2), who provide a quality services at competetive prices.

We specialise in all types of refurbishment work.

- Flat refurbishment / House refurbishment Domestic & Commercial
- Painting and decorating
- Kitchen fitting / Kitchen refurbishment
- Bathroom fitting / Bathroom refurbishment
- Plastering / Tiling
- Carpentry / Flooring
- General building / Extension / Loft conversion etc.
- Plumbing / Electric
- Elevation
- Partition walls / Suspended ceilings.

Our available tradesman:


*ceramic tails (walls and floors)
*stones ( marble, granite, terracotta, etc.)


*Bonding/ Hardwalling
*Damp proofing


*Full decorating service, interior and exterior ( all aspect of emulsions and gloss work).


*Doors and skirtings
*Partitions and stud walls
*Wood flooring
*Wardrobe's (build in with sliding doors etc.).


* New walls
* Patios
* Paving

Every job is completed to highest standard and references available on request.

No job is too small, or too big.

For a fast and friendly services, free estimates and no obligation quotations please do not hestige to contact us:
Thomas: 07515699082
Rafal: 07901896942
Andrew: 07912506029

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